Set Your Child Up For Therapy Success

Here at Step Forward Therapy, we know that as a parent, you play a vital role in ensuring your child’s occupational, physical, or speech-language therapy sessions are productive and stress-free. Our therapists see success at a family level as well as an individual level. They understand the importance of your support in helping your child thrive during therapy. Let’s dive into some valuable tips from our incredible therapists, Jorie, Danielle, and Rachel:

Ms. Jorie’s Advice: Stay Hydrated and Snack Smart

  • Inform therapists of any dietary restrictions your child may have, so we can make sure we keep them safe!
  • If your child’s therapy session follows a school day, don’t forget to send them with a water bottle to keep them refreshed throughout the session.
  • Consider using a water bottle with a straw– it can help regulate and encourage hydration, so if your child finds it helpful, pack one for therapy.

Ms. Danielle’s Insights: Set Expectations and Share Plans

  • Engage in a conversation with your child about therapy and let them know what to expect.
  • Excite them with the promise of fun activities at home after the therapy session.
  • Bring along any tools or sensory items that the therapist has recommended, such as a pressure vest or chewy – these can greatly support your child’s progress.
  • Let Your Therapist Know Your Child’s Goals
    • If your child is working on specific skills or dealing with certain issues at home or school, don’t hesitate to share these details with your therapist. They can tailor the sessions to effectively target those skills.
  • Consider sending any progress notes from school, new Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), or emails from teachers. This information provides valuable context for the therapist.

Ms. Rachel’s Reminder: Charge Communication Devices

  • Ensure that any communication devices your child uses are charged. This will enable them to actively participate and communicate during the session.

Effective communication and preparation are the keys to making the most of your child’s therapy sessions. At Step Forward Therapy, we are committed to providing personalized care and support. Your active involvement and the valuable insights you share significantly contribute to your child’s success in therapy.