Developmental Preschool

Our Developmental Preschool offers a nurturing environment tailored for children aged 3-6, where play-based learning thrives. Here, we focus on fostering growth in cognitive, social, speech & language, and fine & gross motor skills. Whether your child has a medical diagnosis or not, our program provides a unique curriculum and individualized attention to support their development.


Personalized Attention in Small Groups

To ensure personalized attention, our preschool groups maintain small sizes, with a maximum ratio of 4 children to 1 staff member. Led by certified special education teachers, occupational therapists (OTs), and speech-language pathologists (SLPs), our dedicated staff caters to the diverse needs and learning styles of each child.

At Step Forward, our preschool groups welcome children aged 3-6. We believe in the power of blending ages to create an optimal learning environment. Younger children benefit from older peer models, while older children find success in leadership roles and serving as mentors. This approach nurtures a sense of community and fosters growth for all participants.


Comprehensive Curriculum


Our play-based curriculum focuses on holistic development, including cognitive, social, speech & language, fine & gross motor skills, and self-help skills. Through hands-on activities and interactive experiences, children engage in meaningful learning experiences within a supportive and stimulating environment.


Support for Sensory Regulation & Socialization

Our preschool groups provide additional support for sensory regulation, socialization, and academic learning. With a unique curriculum and personalized attention, we help children navigate sensory processing challenges and develop social skills to interact meaningfully with peers.

Enrollment & Tuition

Flexible Enrollment Options

Enrollment at Step Forward Therapy is open and ongoing. Children can also enroll alongside another preschool program, offering flexibility in scheduling and participation. We operate year-round, with options for 2-5 days a week, Monday to Friday, during Fall, Spring, and Summer Sessions.

Tuition-Based Program with Insurance Coverage Options

Our Developmental Preschool operates on a tuition basis, with potential insurance coverage for qualifying families. With occupational and speech therapists in the classroom, a portion of the program may be billable to insurance. For information on eligibility and billing, please contact Meribeth Cassidy at 224-248-9449 or


What Our Families are Saying

Step Forward Therapy is a place where not only do they care about your child and their development but also the entire family. Our kids enjoy going there to “play”!

Step Forward is simply amazing!! Our daughter has worked with OT’s, PT’s, and SLP’s and the progress she has made during the two years we have been with them is tremendous!

We attend SFT for speech and have been so happy with our experience. Michele, is an outstanding speech therapist, her love and passion for what she does shines through.