Group Therapy

Step Forward Therapy understands the importance of peer interaction in supporting children’s growth and development. That’s why we offer specialized small group therapy sessions tailored to meet the unique needs of children aged 3-12. Our group therapy sessions focus on Social Skills, Feeding Skills, and Handwriting Skills, providing invaluable support for children as they navigate various aspects of their development.

Social Skills Groups

Our Social Skills Group utilizes evidence-based approaches, including the Social Thinking methodology and The Zones of Regulation, to help children better understand peer interactions and thrive in social settings. Through engaging activities and discussions, children learn essential social skills such as communication, cooperation, and empathy. This group is perfect for children who may struggle with making friends, understanding social cues, or managing emotions effectively.

Feeding Groups

Led by experienced therapists, our Feeding Skills Group offers a supportive environment for children to explore new foods, improve mealtime behaviors, and develop positive eating habits. Whether your child is a picky eater or faces challenges with feeding, our sessions provide practical strategies and hands-on activities to promote food acceptance and encourage healthy eating habits.

Step Forward Therapy conducts group feeding therapy for children aged 2 and up, employing the S.O.S approach to feeding. This approach, based on Sequential, Oral, Sensory techniques, targets specific feeding problems identified through evaluation. In a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, each child moves at their own pace while working towards improving feeding difficulties alongside their peers.

Handwriting Skills Groups

Does your child struggle with handwriting legibility or fluency? Our Handwriting Skills Group is tailored to address such difficulties and foster handwriting success. Led by skilled occupational therapists, this group provides targeted interventions and engaging activities to enhance hand strength, coordination, and pencil grasp.

Utilizing techniques such as Handwriting Without Tears and other multi-sensory methods, our sessions focus on improving neatness, accuracy, and endurance in handwriting. Additionally, the group supports attention and focus during seated activities. Available for students entering kindergarten, first, second, and third grade, our groups offer the tools and support necessary for handwriting improvement.


What Our Families are Saying

Step Forward Therapy is a place where not only do they care about your child and their development but also the entire family. Our kids enjoy going there to “play”!

Step Forward is simply amazing!! Our daughter has worked with OT’s, PT’s, and SLP’s and the progress she has made during the two years we have been with them is tremendous!

We attend SFT for speech and have been so happy with our experience. Michele, is an outstanding speech therapist, her love and passion for what she does shines through.